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Transfer to ASAP from a Calculated Column

My grades are calculated correctly and I need to setup my column to transfer to ASAP.

Transfer to ASAP from a Manual Column

My grades are ready and I need manually enter a letter grade in Blackboard to transfer to ASAP.

  1. Grades only transfer once. After grades transfer, any changes in Blackboard will need to be made manually in ASAP.
  2. If grades exist in ASAP, the grade transfer process will not overwrite grades in ASAP. Please ONLY set the column as External Column when the grades are finalized.
  3. ā€œFā€ and ā€œIā€ grades do NOT automatically transfer from Blackboard Learn to ASAP. Enter them manually in ASAP.
  4. Check ASAP at 8:00 am the day after you set the column as External Grade in Blackboard to verify grades and manually enter any Fs or Is.
  5. Grade Transfers occur overnight after 11:59 pm.