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Welcome to the Canvas to myUTSA Account Grade Transfer Process for Fall 2023. This new process utilizes the Canvas Grading Scheme functionality to convert your numerical grades to letter grades. To prepare your gradebook for the transfer that occurs on the day the grades are due, please follow the steps below. Have questions? Please review our frequently asked questions or contact Academic Innovation

Important Notes:

  1. The Registrar will begin pulling grade data a few days before grades are due only to remind faculty of submission deadlines.
  2. The grade transfer will only occur one time on the day grades are due at 2:00 PM to myUTSA Account. 
  3. Any changes made in Canvas after the grade transfer will need to be manually updated in myUTSA Account.
  4. If grades already exist in myUTSA Account, the grade transfer process will not overwrite them.
  5. “F” and “I” grades do NOT transfer from Canvas to myUTSA Account. Please enter F’s and I’s manually in myUTSA Account prior to the 2 PM deadline. 
  6. Check myUTSA Account after 4:00 pm on the day grades are due to verify all grades have transferred correctly. 
  7. FINAL GRADES ONLY: Changes to grades after the Final Grade Transfer has occurred will need to be submitted via the Change of Grade form in myUTSA Account. 

Fall 2023 Transfer Dates:

Regular 16-Week Term

Grade TypeGrade Transfer Occurs
Midterm10/09/2023 at 2:00pm
Final12/11/2023 at 2:00pm


First 8-Week Term

Grade TypeGrade Transfer Occurs
Final10/16/2023 at 2:00pm


Second 8-Week Term

Grade TypeGrade Transfer Occurs
Final12/11/2023 at 2:00pm

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Summer 2023 Transfer Dates:

Part of TermTransfer BeginsFinal Grades Due
M6/20/20236/23/2023 by 2:00pm
F7/5/20237/10/2023 by 2:00pm
J7/11/20237/14/2023 by 2:00pm
88/3/20238/7/2023 by 2:00pm
L8/8/20238/11/2023 by 2:00pm
T, S8/9/20238/14/2023 by 2:00pm


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Frequently Asked Questions

Enable your grading scheme after you’ve graded all assignments that you want included in your midterm or final grade.

The Canvas to myUTSA Account Grade Transfer will only run once, at 2 PM, on the day grades are due. For specific dates, please view the Grade Transfer Schedule above. 

No, myUTSA Account will only accept letter grades. Any values other than a letter will not be transferred to myUTSA Account. For a list of accepted letter grades, please visit the Course Catalog

Yes, you may turn on and off your grading scheme at any time through your course settings.

Grades transferred via the Canvas to myUTSA Account Grade Transfer will not be counted as late as the import process will begin promptly at 2 PM. 

Courses with zero credit hours will not transfer to myUTSA Account. Grades will need to be entered in the course with credit hours.

At this time, only the Total column will transfer. Any grade overrides will need to be made in myUTSA Account.