Quality Matters

Quality Matters™ (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer-review process designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its scalable, peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning. Learn more about Quality Matters™

Quality Matters™

The University of Texas at San Antonio has partnered with Quality Matters™ to enhance quality assurance for our online programs.

Course Review Through the Lens of Quality Matters

Learn what QM is and how it can help you deliver on your online promise.

Quality Matters Testimonial

Listen to UTSA Assistant Professor, Luca Pozzi share his experience with Designing Your Online Course QM workshop.

Quality Matters Testimonial

Listen to our Instructional Designer, Elyse Ramirez, share her experience with the Improving Your Online Course QM workshop.

Quality Matters is...

National Standard Attracting International Participation

QM has over 1,200 member institutions in the US and 19 other countries. We have members in 49 US states

Collaboratively Developed & Rigorously Updated

An initial FIPSE development grant involved more than 700 practitioners from 158 different institutions in 28 states. Rubrics are updated regularly with user surveys, data analysis, and research by a representative committee of users.

Supported by Research

Each new Rubric edition is supported by an ongoing review of the relevant literature since the last update. Visit the Research Library on the QM website for more information.


The peer review process partners faculty reviewers with the Course Representative in a dialogue about course design. It is not an evaluation.

Continuous Improvement Model

The review process is a continuous cycle designed with the expectation that all courses will eventually meet QM Standards .

Faculty Support Tool

Specific, detailed, and constructive feedback is provided to the Course Representative even when a course has met quality expectations. Faculty identify review team service as excellent professional development.

Peer Review

Only current, online instructors are certified to review courses.


QM uses a turn-key process with a Rubric fully supported by professional development workshops used in a rigorous review to provide quality assurance.

The first step is to create your MyQM account and designate UTSA as your institution. Follow the instructions to register.

This unofficial review can be done to become familiar with the QM Rubric Standards or to assess a course prior to an official review.

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Congratulations to the individuals who completed the nationally recognized training workshops offered by Quality Matters!