Simple Syllabus (Pilot)

Simple Syllabus is a centralized, template-driven platform that enables instructors to quickly personalize and publish interactive class syllabi—saving your entire campus time, budget, and frustration. This unique approach pulls together established institutional data such as policies, learning objectives, and course section content so faculty don’t have to.

Getting Started

If you’re a participating faculty member, the Simple Syllabus link is already present inside your Blackboard course, located inside the Syllabus & Schedule folder. Additionally, the Academic Innovation team has pre-loaded your fall syllabus with content from your most recent course syllabus. 

Tutorial Videos


Track student engagement by showing you which students have viewed your syllabi, how much was read, and how many visits have been made.

Focus on your content and let our team ensure your syllabus contains the necessary policies and required items. Department chairs and program coordinators may request their syllabi contain customized items across all courses.

Easy import allows you to copy content from one syllabus to another without formatting issues. Simple Syllabus will notice when you’ve taught a course before or are teaching multiple sections of the same course.

The pilot is currently only for select programs including Academic Inquiry & Scholarship (AIS), The Writing Program, and the online communication degree program.

At the moment, Simple Syllabus is only enabled for select course sections.

Our team attempted to move over content that aligned most closely with your programs template.  Some information related to course schedules was not moved over such as assigned work days and due dates.

If you have additional content you wish to add to your Simple Syllabus, you can add a new component at the bottom of your syllabus. 

This is part of our testing. Rearranging content is currently limited and may not be enabled for your specific program.

Course Copy will not impact Simple Syllabus. When the link is clicked, Simple Syllabus recognizes which course the link is in and directs the faculty to the correct syllabi. A Blackboard course copy will not copy your Simple Syllabus to another course. To copy your Simple Syllabus, use the import function inside Simple Syllabus.

Yes! Once your Simple Syllabus is published, you can find a print button at the top. Use this button to get a PDF copy or print your Simple Syllabus.

Watch our tutorial video above titled, Download a PDF copy and upload to Bluebook.

Upload to Bluebook is still required until Simple Syllabus replaces Bluebook in Summer 2023.

Watch our tutorial video above titled, Download a PDF copy and upload to Bluebook.

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