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  • Grade Transfer Made Easy

    Grade Transfer Made Easy

    It’s time to transfer midterm grades for the Spring 2021 semester! Read how to transfer grades from Blackboard to ASAP.

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  • Captions for Faculty!

    Captions for Faculty!

    Faculty can proactively request accurate, professional captions for high impact, multi-use course videos.  Adding captions to course videos improves student retention and comprehension of the content and...

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  • Into the Cloud!

    Into the Cloud!

    Blackboard has moved into the cloud! A new home page and intuitive navigation menu welcomes you into the Spring 2021 semester. New features include…

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Upcoming Webinars

Hello and welcome back! For Spring 2021, Academic Innovation is providing professional development opportunities by offering Quality Matters workshops/Courses. Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer-review process designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. UTSA became a Full Subscribing member of Quality Matters in October 2019 and began implementation in January 2020. Note that all [...]

Ready to start your first Podcast?  Need a place to talk about your ideas and share them with the world?  This class will teach you the basics of recording techniques and how to use multitrack sessions in Adobe Audition.  Register and join [...]

The Office of Research, Innovation & Economic Development at the UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE invites you to join in an introduction to the National Science Foundation as a funder of social, behavioral, and economic sciences research with Dr. Josh Trapani. Dr. Josh Trapani directs the Science of Science: Discovery, Communication, and Impact program [...]

Want to add Adobe programs to your course but you aren’t sure how? Stop by Adobe Office Hours for a casual conversation on how you can implement Adobe in your classroom. Register and Join [...]

Active learning promotes engagement with course materials and energizes the classroom, but how do we move students from passive listeners to active learners? In this workshop, you will learn strategies to engage students in activities that promote analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of course content. Register and Join [...]