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Design & Development

What does it mean to design a course? What can we do to uphold a quality and engaging learning experiences? When you teach online, your presence as a course instructor is strategic for student success. Providing all students with guidance and support, meaningful feedback, and a purpose that they belong to a learning community, will boost their motivation and participation in the course and will overall make their learning experience relevant.

An effective online course design establishes and maintains instructor presence through...

  • A meaningful combination of course materials and activites
  • Asynchronous student interactions and synchronous opportunities for direct contact
  • Intuitive course navigation and organization
  • Clear instructions and expectations

The Digital Learning team will work with you, the instructor, to create a course blueprint based on your student population, your teaching style, and the class characteristics. You will work with a group of Instructional Designers, Multimedia Experts, and Course Developers who will help you assess the most appropriate design model, learning theories that suit your student needs, and the most effective technology to create lively content and help your students build strong digital fluency skills. The result will be a course that meets the Quality Matters standards for a fully accessible and high quality online learning experience. 

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