ReadSpeaker text-to-speech gives a voice to UTSA webpages and learning materials within Blackboard. ReadSpeaker enables users to listen to any text content or supported online document, providing a fully enhanced learning experience. ReadSpeaker is fully integrated with Blackboard as well as SoftChalk.

With ReadSpeaker you will be able to:

  • Hear webpages and documents in Blackboard read aloud 
  • Follow along with highlighted text 
  • Download text as spoken audio files 
  • Translate text using Google Translate

To learn more about what you can do with ReadSpeaker:

Get Started with ReadSpeaker

In your BlackBoard course, click the play button to open ReadSpeaker webReader. You can listen to selected text: You can select part or all of the text on the page and then click the pop up Listen Button

Next to any supported file on your Blackboard course, click on the docReader button, the document will be converted into docReader format and opened in docReader embedded in BlackBoard showing the first page of the document, a toolbar with which to access docReader’s features and a sidebar for navigation through the document. The user can navigate to other pages in the document in various ways

Resources and Tutorials