Caption Support Services

Academic Innovation recognizes the time and effort that faculty need to design and implement high-quality online courses and ensure digital accessibility, including creating captions for multimedia.

Therefore, in our commitment to ensuring equitable access for our digital learners, a Captioning Support Team is available to assist UTSA faculty with creating accessible multimedia.

Young men and women sitting on stacks of books, watching webinar.

How to Request Captions

The process is simple. Any UTSA faculty member may request captions. Priority will be given to high-impact course content that can be reused or content that has difficult/technical jargon that is not easily recognized in automated captions.

Next Steps

  1. The Digital Accessibility Team will contact you and ask follow-up questions to get additional information.
  2. If approved, videos will be captioned.
  3. After receiving the captioned video(s), faculty can update their instructional resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is captioning?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 defines captions as, “synchronized visual and/or text alternative for both speech and non-speech audio information needed to understand the media content.”

After an application is approved, what is the captioning process?

  1. Upload your videos to UTSA Panopto.
  2. Share your videos with our team.
  3. The Digital Accessibility Team will order captions with a 10 business day turnaround.
  4. Faculty will receive a notification from Digital Accessibility when the captioning process is completed.

How will the videos be captioned?

Captions will be requested through a 3rd party captioning vendor (Rev) in conjunction with Panopto or completed by our student caption editors no cost to you or your department.

Do my videos need to be in Panopto prior requesting captions?

No, however, you will be asked to move your videos to UTSA Panopto if your request is approved.

If my request has been approved, how long will it take my video(s) to be captioned?

If your request has been approved we will contact you with further instructions. Once captioning has been requested by the Digital Accessibility Team there is a 10 business day turnaround time for captioning to be completed.