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Development Timeline

Development Timeline

The question is: How much time do I need to create an accessible and quality online course? 

The standard timeline for the course design and development process is 4 months and is structured into three major phases: Design, Development, and Review. 

Design Phase

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The design phase focuses on analyzing the situation and establishing the course foundation. The question that guides this phase is: What type of instructional intervention is needed? During this phase you will identify the goals and objectives of the course, select and organize the best possible activities for instruction, and create the module prototype.

  • Launch Meeting
  • Course Goals and Learning Objectives
  • Course Blueprint
  • Module Prototype
  • 25% Intermediate Quality Review

Development Phase

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The development phase focuses on the modules production. The question that guides this phase is: What is the continuum of the learning experience? During this phase, you will develop the content and activities for each module based on the course goals, learning objectives, and assessment strategy.

  • Modules 1-6 development
  • Storyboard and videos
  • 50% Intermediate Quality Review
  • Modules 7-12 development
  • 75% Intermediate Quality Review

Review Phase

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The review phase focuses on the course quality and management. The question that guides this phase is: What is the course quality and learning effectiveness? During this phase, you will review your course with our instructional design team from a technical and instructional point of view. Additionally, we will discuss the best practices for instructor presence and student engagement and success.
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Technical Review
  • Quality Review
  • Course Sign Off