Honorlock (Pilot)

Honorlock upholds academic integrity with online exam proctoring that’s monitored by AI and reviewed by humans. Software and live test proctors make the technical proctoring experience simple, easy, and human.

Getting Started

Honorlock will not be available in your course if you haven’t first contacted Academic Innovation. Use the from below to submit a request.

Once our team has enabled Honorlock in your course, you can add it from the test-options menu of your assessment. Read more on enabling Honorlock (skip to Enabling Honorlock section).


Adding Honorlock to your exam

Honorlock is available to pilot in select courses at UTSA. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in using Honorlock. A member of our team will work with you to see if Honorlock is a good fit for your courses.

Reviewing student submissions

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Seeing the student perspective

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What seperates Honorlock from other proctoring tools?

 Pop-in Proctor is exclusive to Honorlock. A live proctor will work with students if they’re having trouble starting the test or if the AI has flagged a potential issue. The proctors goal is to ensure the student is able to successfully begin and finish their test, reducing faculty support needs.

Search and Destroy will scan the internet for your exam questions. You will be notified if your questions have been found online and Honorlock can even send a cease and desist email on your behalf. Search and Destroy Guide

Easy to add and remove means that Honorlock will not leave your exams unable to be edited or accessed. Turn on or off Honorlock with one-click in your test-options.

Profiles make it easy to ensure your exams have the same settings. Once you’ve created your profiles, you can assign them to a test and all your settings will be set.

Who can pilot Honorlock?

Instructors teaching online or hybrid courses are eligible to pilot Honorlock. 

Is this a live proctoring service?

No; Honorlock is a hybrid digital tool that utilizes both AI and an on-demand live proctor. The live proctor will not interact with students unless the AI flags a potential issue that requires assessment.  AI from a Proctor’s Perspective

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