Learning Pathways by Difficulty

We recommend starting with pathway 1 and working your way to pathway 3. The instructor feedback panel in your course will provide resources and steps to remediate content. In addition to the instructor feedback panel, some of the listed items have been hyperlinked to resources to help you complete the task. Reach out to the Digital Accessibility Team with any questions.

Pathway #1: Quick Start

Do you only have 2-5 minutes? Pick 1-2 of the items below to work on in your course. Come back when you have time to work on more!

  1. Start by checking your overall accessibility score.
  2. Add the Ally Student Communication to your course.
  3. Delete course “fluff” (old or outdated documents, duplicated documents, unused documents, etc.).
  4. Watch Uploading Updated Files in Ally to understand the best way to overwrite files in Blackboard to see an immediate score change.
  5. Use PDF Ally Tips and Resources to add a title and language to a PDF.
  6. Add image descriptions or alternative text to the 5 most important images in your course (note: clicking the text will drop you to the Top 5 Ally Issues at UTSA section).

Pathway #2: Dive into Ally

If this if your first time using Ally and you have a little more time to dive into course accessibility issues, we recommend starting by starting on the list below.

  1. Complete all elements in Pathway #1.
  2. Use syllabus and schedule checklist to review the accessibility of your syllabus and address any accessibility issues.
  3. Use PDF Ally Tips and Resources to exchange one inaccessible PDF for HTML or another more accessible alternative.
  4. Remove all of the Top 5 Ally Issues at UTSA found in your course (note: clicking the text will drop you to Top 5 Ally Issues at UTSA).
  5. Fix the Ally Top Six HTML Errors Guide found in the Ally Course Report.

Pathway #3: Advanced Ally Use and Beyond

If you have been working through the first 2 pathways and you feel ready to begin overhauling major elements in your course start working on the list below.

  1. Complete all elements in Pathway #2.
  2. Address all major and severe Ally issues in your course.
  3. Use PDF Ally Tips and Resources to reduce the overall numbers of PDFs in your course by converting to HTML or another accessible format.
  4. Find and use accessibility checkers provided in all software during content creation prior to adding content to course.
  5. Ensure videos follow Media Accessibility Tips.
  6. Use our Starting Six Accessibility Essentials to check any publisher content, websites, or external software in your course for accessibility.

Top 5 Ally Issues at UTSA

How to Use this Section

Ally not only creates course reports but also institution reports for every semester. We have compiled the top 5 issues that appeared across all digital courses at UTSA.

Each tab corresponds to each issue type. Review the tabs and the tips on how to correct the issue.

To access the list of accessibility issues within your Blackboard course, find your course report labeled Accessibility Report under Course Tools within your Blackboard course.

What Other Resources Are Available?

Where Can I Go For Help?

Do you still have questions? Click the button below to email our Digital Accessibility Team.