Ally Student Communication

An important component of Ally is the alternative format options students will have access to. The statements provided will help:

  • Show where to access Alternative Formats from the icon next to course files and content
  • Describe what each format is and its benefits
  • Explain Alternative Formats may take a few moments to download depending on file size

Use the tabs below to find statements to copy and paste into your course.

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Syllabus Statement

You can now download your course files in different formats that fit your device, need, and learning preference. Click the “A download” icon next to your course files to view “Alternative Formats” of your course files. The file may take a few minutes to download, so continue with your work while you wait. The quality of the alternative formats can vary based on the original file, so if something looks out of place, consult the original file.

Depending on the type of file, you will see the following options:

    1. An OCRed PDF improves the quality of scanned PDFs
    2. A Tagged PDF for Word and PowerPoint documents or for improved navigation with screen readers
    3. An HTML version that will be a simple and responsive to mobile devices with zoom-in capabilities
    4. An ePub version for use with ePub readers that allows for font customization, contrast adjustment, and annotation/highlighting
    5. An Electronic Braille version for your Refreshable Braille Display
    6. An Audio MP3 for listening to your content on the go
    7. BeeLine Reader for faster reading speed and color-adjusting settings

Course Orientation Statement

Looking for course content that fits your learning needs, your busy schedule, and your multiple devices? Alternative Formats transform your course files into different formats to help you learn better. Next to your course files, click on the down arrow and select “alternative formats” to see your options. The file may take a few minutes to download.

Note: Remember, the quality of the alternative formats can depend on the original, so check the original file if something doesn’t look right.

Dive into the Four Learning Benefits of Alternative Formats for more information.

Course Announcement Statement

Download your course files in formats that match your device and need. Click the “A icon” next to your course files, and select your preferred “alternative formats.” Dive into the Four Learning Benefits of Alternative Formats or Student Support for Digital Accessibility for more information.

Where Can I Go For Help?

Do you still have questions? Click the button below to email our Digital Accessibility Team.