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Remove Items and Files

Task: Remove items and files that students will not access during the semester

Try not to use your course shell as file storage

Solution: Use other tools such as OneDrive

Remove items and files that students will never have access to

Solution: Remove these elements (if you use Proctorio keep the hidden content area)

Review the Content Collection Area

Task: Review content collection area for duplicate files

Having multiples of file makes extra work for you when making content accessible.


    1. Make note of where you have the same file posted in multiple places
    2. Review your content collection area for the duplicate files
    3. Delete the duplicate files in the content collection area, leaving only 1 of the file
    4. Relink the same file in multiple places as needed

Delete Empty Areas

Task: Delete empty content areas or folders

After reviewing your course, delete all elements on the navigation menu that students should not access.

Then, review the content in each content folder and delete all empty sections that students should not access.

Where Can I Go For Help?

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