Manual Blackboard Column to ASAP

Steps to transfer manual grades in Blackboard Learn. Need Help Preparing Your Grade Center? Sign up for Virtual Office Hours

Step 1

Go to Grade Center > Full Grade Center

Step 2

In Create Column Screen: Enter ASAPMidterm for midterm grades or ASAPFinal for final
grades as the Column Name (no spaces and capitalization does not matter. Leave Grade Center
Name blank).

Step 3

Set Primary Display to ‘Text’ and Secondary Display to ‘None’, and Points Possible to zero

Step 4

Scroll to OPTIONS. Select No for Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations.

Step 5

Click Submit, and manually enter your grades in the ASAPMidterm or ASAPFinal column.
Grades must be capitalized: A, A+, B, C-, etc.

Step 6

ONLY after you have letter grades finalized and are ready to transfer grades to ASAP, set the
grade column as the External Grade column. To do so, click the dropdown menu of the column
title and choose Set as External Grade. The grade center column will now have a green check
in front of the column name. See the image below in the Summary

Important Notes

  1. Grades only transfer once. After grades transfer, any changes in Blackboard will need to be made manually in ASAP.
  2. If grades exist in ASAP, the grade transfer process will not overwrite grades in ASAP. Please ONLY set the column as External Column when the grades are finalized.
  3. “F” and “I” grades do NOT automatically transfer from Blackboard Learn to ASAP. Enter them manually in ASAP.
  4. Check ASAP at 8:00 am the day after you set the column as External Grade in Blackboard to verify grades and manually enter any Fs or Is.
  5. Grade Transfers occur overnight after 2:00 am.