Coming Fall 2024

What is NameCoach?

Names are a fundamental part of our identities, and pronouncing them correctly is essential for building connections and showing respect. We’re excited to introduce NameCoach, a tool designed to address the common issue of name mispronunciation. With NameCoach, you can easily record your name and share it with your peers in Canvas.

NameCoach in Canvas

NameCoach seamlessly integrates with Canvas, making it simple for students to record and share their name pronunciations with classmates and instructors. Faculty members can listen to these pronunciations directly within Canvas, enhancing classroom interactions and fostering a more engaging learning environment.

How-To Guides

  1. Click “Account” in the Global Navigation. 
  2. From the popout menu, click “Record Name Pronunciation.”
  3. Click “Edit Your Info” 
  4. Select an option to record your name:
    1. Phone – NameCoach will call your phone to record your name. 
    2. Web Recorder – Use your computer’s microphone to record your name,  
    3. Uploader – Use this option if you already have an audio file of your name pronunciation. 


If enabled by your instructor, you can access your NameCoach class roster by clicking the NameCoach link in your course menu. 


NameCoach is enabled in all courses by default. If the tool link is missing from your navigation, please navigate to your Course Settings > Navigation tab to enable it. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Mange Course Navigation Links help guide

NameCoach Outside of Canvas

NameCoach also offers the NameBadge feature, which can be used outside of Canvas in email signatures and professional communications. This ensures your name is pronounced correctly in every interaction, both within and beyond the university setting.

How-To Guides

  1. Login to the UTSA NameCloud website.
  2. Click My Namebadge from the navigation. 
  3. Click update.
  4. Follow the steps to input your name, phonetic spelling, pronouns, and name recording. 
  5. Click Submit
  1. Login to the UTSA NameCloud website.
  2. Click My Namebadge from the navigation. 
  3. Click “Add Namebadge to your email signature.”
  4. Choose the icon format you want. 
  5. Click the “copy button” button. 
  6. Navigate to Outlook.