Before your Canvas grades can be transferred to myUTSA Account, you must first enable the grading scheme option inside your course settings. Enabling grading schemes will establish a letter grade for your students’ total point score or percentage in the Canvas gradebook.

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Video Tutorial

Step #1: Enable a Grading Scheme

  1. Navigate to your Canvas course and click Settings from the course menu.
  2. Under Course Details, scroll down to Grading Scheme.
  3. Check the box to Enable course grading scheme.
  4. Click View/Edit to review the Default Canvas Grading Scheme. 
  5. If everything is correct, click Close and proceed to step 7. If changes need to be made, click the copy button and adjust the grading scheme to your needs. Once completed, click Save
  6. Verify the correct Grading Scheme is selected. 
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Course Details.

Step #2: Verify your Grading Scheme is Enabled

  1. Within your Canvas course, click Grades from the course menu.
  2. From your Gradebook, locate the Total Column. This will either be at the front or end of your gradebook. 
  3. Your total column should display the points or percentage (based on your course preference) and a letter grade. If a letter grade is present, then the grading scheme has been successfully enabled! If a letter grade is not present, please review the steps above or contact Academic Innovation for assistance.