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  • Grade Transfer Made Easy

    Grade Transfer Made Easy

    It’s time to transfer midterm grades for the Spring 2021 semester! Read how to transfer grades from Blackboard to ASAP.

  • Captions for Faculty!

    Captions for Faculty!

    Faculty can proactively request accurate, professional captions for high impact, multi-use course videos.  Adding captions to course videos improves student retention and comprehension of the content and...

  • Into the Cloud!

    Into the Cloud!

    Blackboard has moved into the cloud! A new home page and intuitive navigation menu welcomes you into the Spring 2021 semester. New features include…

  • Introducing Qwickly!

    Introducing Qwickly!

    This simple tool enables faculty to send email and post the same announcement to multiple Blackboard courses at once. Qwickly makes communications easier than ever!

  • Presenting the Student Guide to Online Learning!

    Presenting the Student Guide to Online Learning!

    An open enrollment Blackboard course that will help students get ready for the upcoming semester! Designed and developed by students, this course will help …

  • Blackboard Annotate is here!

    Blackboard Annotate is here!

    Adding assignment feedback in Blackboard is much easier with Annotate. Customize feedback with a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and more.

  • New 24/7 Blackboard Support

    New 24/7 Blackboard Support

    Academic Innovation is now offering first line 24/7 support for Blackboard to all faculty, students and staff. Starting today, you can contact Blackboard support through these...

  • Welcome Panopto!

    Welcome Panopto!

    Panopto is UTSA’s newest video content management platform which replaces the Medial Library. Record, live stream, and share videos easily to Blackboard.

  • 5 Key Guidelines for Digital Content Accessibility

    5 Key Guidelines for Digital Content Accessibility

    This resource provides information about common accessibility issues and guidelines you should be aware of for developing online content.

  • Rapid Remote Teaching Resources

    Rapid Remote Teaching Resources

    Academic Innovation has provided a list of resources available to you during this online transition.