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The Office of Digital Learning is prepared to assist you in bringing UTSA students a responsive approach to education that removes the boundaries of traditional classroom instruction. Our Instructional Design and Development (IDD) team can help you determine the online learning and instructional technologies that will best support your course goals and objectives.

IDD Services

If you’re interested in utilizing aspects of online learning in your UTSA course, you may wonder what the Digital Learning IDD team offers in the way of services.The services of The Office of Digital Learning IDD Team are:

  • Share resources and course examples.
  • Explain Blackboard Learn features and ways they can be used in a course.
  • Perform a detailed course review to identify concerns and ways to improve.
  • Discuss instructional strategies for creating a high quality learning environment.
  • Develop course structure and organization.
  • Advise on methods that promote academic integrity.
  • Assist in the creation of course videos, multimedia content, and interactive activities.
  • Ensure course accessibility.
  • Keep course development on track for timely completion.

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