Medial Video Library

Changes coming this year

The Medial Video Library is set to enter the beginning stages of a decommission timeline at UTSA. As you know, the university obtained a site-wide license for Panopto last year which is a more robust video platform with many more features available. For your convenience, Academic Innovations will conduct the task of copying all content from Medial to Panopto for all users. We understand that not everyone has had an opportunity to adopt Panopto as their video platform choice when adding videos in your course, so below is a simple timeline with key dates for the decommission of Medial at UTSA.
Existing Medial content uploaded through May 20, 2021, will remain active through January 15, 2023.


February 2021

Announcement to UTSA in regards to the decommission of Medial.

March 2021

Provide how to self-guide on website for copying videos from your Medial folder to your Panopto Folder for interested users.

May 20 2021

No new content can be uploaded to Medial. The “Upload” option on Medial will be removed and the MEDIALecture Capture app from Classroom computers will be uninstalled.

May 21 - August 3 2021

Begin the migration copy of videos from Medial to Panopto for all users. This will includes all meta-data.

May 22 2021

Current Medial videos will still be linked to courses in Blackboard and will be accessible for viewing. Medial users can still mange existing Medial content.

August 9 2021

All Content has been migrated to Panopto.

August 10 2021

Announcement that all videos have been migrated to Panopto user folders. Videos can be linked to their Blackboard course using the Panopto Mashup Tool.

August 2021 - January 2023

Migrated Content from Medial will be archived and remain active to provide adequate time for substituting Medial links with Panopto links in Blackboard for one year. All Medial Content links will still stream during this time for playback only.

More information

For more information on this change please contact or call (210) 458-4520