Student Guide to Online Learning

The Student Guide to Online Learning, an open enrollment Blackboard course, will help you get ready for the new semester! Designed and developed by students, this course will help you get setup with the latest digital tools, provide you with tips from other roadrunners, and help you get a better idea of what to expect this semester.

Student Comments

“This was amazing to learn and watch videos before school starts.”
“This will be great for newer students/ Wish I had this when I started. Thank you!”
“I’m a senior so I didn’t need this course as much, but I would definitely recommend it as a mandatory training to all freshman and new students!”
“Great course to get on track with online learning.”

What's inside?

There are a total of 6 modules in the Student Guide course, each with different resources, tips, and activities to complete. Earn an 80 on each quiz to move onto the next module. Score a 100 and you’ll also receive a badge! There are a total of 9 badges you can earn in the course. Complete all 6 modules and you’ll also earn a certificate.

Open enrollment into the course will begin one-week before class starts, allowing you to get familiar with Blackboard and a head start on the new semester.