CircleIn - a free studying app where students can study remotely and collaborate with peers

All-In-One Studying Platform

CircleIn is a free studying app where students can study remotely, collaborate with peers in order to communicate and exchange ideas, and stay productive. CircleIn transforms the class into a digital community and creates the space for students to brainstorm together, just like they would in a coffee shop or a library. Students earn points by sharing helpful resources, collaborating with classmates, and studying within the app. Those points can be redeemed for gift cards and other rewards.


Ask Questions: Students can easily connect with strong students or SI’s to get the help they need.
Share Resources: Students have access to top rated academic content and can save useful resources.
Exam Prep: Multiple features that allow students to learn better and faster.
Video Studying: Live group video chats for deeper levels of support.
Task Management: Study can easily manage all their assignments and projects.
Study Groups: Auto-generated class group chats for every section. Unlimited study groups for topics or classes.

Get Started

UTSA is piloting CircleIn for the Fall 2021 semester. Faculty interested in CircleIn should contact Academic Innovation before September 3, 2021.



Visit the Faculty Hub Portal for CircleIn resources such as email/announcement templates, welcome guides, and more.


Visit the Student Support Center for student resources such as tutorials, walkthrough videos, and guides.