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In an effort to enhance the learning experience for students and the teaching effectiveness for faculty, The Office of Digital Leaning has implemented several digital tools. These tools will allow students to showcase their knowledge in cutting edge formats while giving them transferrable skills for their future. These tools also assist faculty in bringing their content to the learner in increasingly relevant formats. The tools on this page are fully supported by UTSA. 

Campus Resources

Adobe Creative Cloud is​ a set of applications and services that gives users access to a collection​ of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, photography, along with a set of mobile applications and some optional cloud services.
Use Padlet to create an interactive discussion board inside your course. Students can respond to their peers and collaborate to create beautiful boards, timelines, and maps. Add illustrations to your responses by easily embedding media from around the web without the need for coding knowledge or complicated processes.
ReadSpeaker text-to-speech gives a voice to UTSA webpages and learning materials within Blackboard. ReadSpeaker enables users to listen to any text content or supported online document, providing a fully enhanced learning experience. ReadSpeaker is fully integrated with Blackboard as well as SoftChalk.
Ensure end-to-end integrity, before, during, and after an online assessment.
Blackboard Collaborate is a simple, convenient, and reliable web conferencing solution built for education and training. Engage with the material and your instructor. Thanks to robust collaboration and conference tools, everyone feels like they’re in the same room together, regardless of their location or device.
Verify originality of submitted texts or documents through detailed similarity reports for instructors and students.

Faculty Resources

Create or convert existing course materials into interactive and engaging e-learning content.
Create and manage exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard Learn