Cloud Migration Completed

The Blackboard Cloud Migration was successfully completed on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 4:40 PM. If you encounter any issues, please submit a Blackboard Support Case.

Cloud Migration In-Progress

The Blackboard Cloud Migration is currently in-progress. We expect the migration to be completed on Tuesday, December 22, 2020.

What is the Cloud?

Blackboard at UTSA will be moving to the SaaS environment, otherwise known as “the cloud”. The cloud offers us the most recent version of Blackboard Learn without the need for significant downtime or service interruptions.

Blackboard in the cloud will also bring UTSA the Ultra Base Navigation, a new modern design to the user interface that makes student and instructor workflows more intuitive. Our updated Blackboard home page will host helpful links to important campus resources and events.

What to Expect

Your course experience will not change or be interrupted. While the migration to the cloud is performed during the winter break, Blackboard will be offline from December 19th to December 22nd (4 days).

When you return from break, you will notice an updated blackboard home page and navigation menu. Your content will not be touched and you can continue preparing your course for Spring without interruption.

New Features

Familiar & Improved

Your course is just as you left it with all of these new improvements and features ready to be utilized. An enhanced content editor and global tools will make features you already use more user friendly.

Streamlined Navigation

From the moment you log in, you have access to core pages such as courses, messages, grades, and more. You can easily return to the list from wherever you are, even inside a course.

Enhanced Reliability

Servers more easily scale during periods of high usage to ensure the system doesn’t slow down. Zero-downtime maintenance means Blackboard is available when you need it.

Easy Chat Support

24/7 Blackboard Support is available for all faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, chat support will now be available directly from the new Blackboard home page.

Mobile Friendly

Navigation is now consistent with the Blackboard app. An enhanced notifications menu gives you more choice over what messages you receive through email or your mobile device.

Global Tools

Many popular tools now work globally. Access course messages, calendars, and grades across all of your courses at once. The new activity feed shows you what's new since you last logged in.

Migration Timeline

Dec 14th – Fall Grades Due
Dec 19th – Migration Begins (Blackboard Goes Offline)
Dec 22nd – Expected Migration Complete (Blackboard Back Online)
Jan 15th – Classes Open for Students
Jan 19th – First Day of Spring

Faculty Cloud Tour

Tour the new navigation menu, Blackboard home page, and updated course features with this short interactive video module.

The Student Experience

Watch how the student Blackboard experience has been enhanced in this short video. From the new activity feed to the enhanced notifications menu, students will find the content they need faster and easier.


No, the cloud migration will be completed during the winter break after grades have been turned in. During the Spring semester, you can expect less Blackboard downtime than past semesters as the cloud offers a more reliable server infrastructure and zero downtime maintenance. 

Blackboard will be offline from December 19th to December 22nd. If additional downtime is needed, you will be notified. Once the migration is complete, you can continue preparing your courses for Spring 2021 with the new home page, navigation, and features.

No worries! Your content and progress will be just like you left it once Blackboard is back online.

No, the new Ultra Base Navigation will only effect the Blackboard home page and navigation menu.

When discussing the logistics of this project, our team made a conscious effort not to change your course experience. Beyond the normal course copy process, no extra effort will be required to move your course over.

No, your course content will not be accessed.

Yes! In fact, the Blackboard app has greater compatibility with the cloud environment as both platforms use the same Ultra Base Navigation.

Due to the downtime, we will be extending the course access date for students until January 8th, 2021.

To access courses from a previous semester:

  1. Click on the courses tab in Blackboard.
  2. Click on the “Current Courses” dropdown that appears along the top center portion of the page.
  3. Select the semester you want to view.