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Blackboard Updates

October 2020

Blackboard Course Archive

Blackboard courses from Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, & Summer 2018 were archived on September 20, 2020 and will be removed from the server after October 12, 2020. The regular removal of courses from the Blackboard Learn system is necessary to maintain a manageable database size to ensure system speed and performance. 

Digital Learning will retain a copy of all for-credit courses offered through Blackboard Learn, including student data, for the time period specified in the UTSA records retention policy. This includes content, faculty and student communication, assignments, tests and results, and students’ papers used to determine the students’ grades.  

Archived courses can be restored and made available to pertinent faculty members upon request; please allow a minimum of two weeks to restore a course.  

August 2020

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Feature Updates

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Feature Updates

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Released 6 August 2020

If someone uses inappropriate words in the chat those words are filtered out. The words are replaced with a series of stars. The chat profanity filter is off by default. Moderators can turn it on in Session Settings found in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Release 13 June 2020

Session owners, course instructors, and administrators can now always download recordings even if the option to download recordings is unselected in the session settings. Use the Allow recording downloads check box to let everyone else download the recording(s).

Release to Production 13 June 2020

The Share Camera option gives you the ability to share more than one camera. Share your video and share another camera connected to your computer. Students can see you and anything else you would like to showcase. You’re only limited by the number of cameras and USB ports in your computer.

Release to Production 13 June 2020

The user experience for creating and editing sessions in the Collaborate Ultra Scheduler has improved. This improvement also prevents unintended changes to a session from being accidentally saved. Administrators and session owners now need to save changes with the Save button.

Release to Production 13 June 2020

Now moderators, instructors, and administrators can download a session’s Poll report. This report includes the poll question and how each attendee responded.

Release to Production 13 June 2020

In this release, Blackboard made minor improvements to the whiteboard. It’s now easier to select and rotate items.

Release to Production 14 May 2020

All newly-created Collaborate Ultra sessions are now secure by default. The Guest Access check box is cleared when a new session is being created. The check box must be selected to allow guest access. Scheduler users still have the option to enable guest access if they choose, in order to allow public access to their session(s).

Release to Production 15 April 2020

Blackboard was excited to announce that administrators can now create large sessions that support up to 500 attendees. You no longer need to submit a large session request to Blackboard. Change any session to webinar mode in the Session Settings.

Features Planned for the Second Half of 2020

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Release date TBD

Secure recordings is postponed due to testing. Public access to recordings is now off by default for new sessions. Only session owners and students enrolled in the course can see the recording. Any links shared to the recording will no longer work when the recording is secure. When public access is off, the recording is secure

Release date TBD

Attendees will be able to enjoy better formatting, usability, and annotation persistence with the release of the new whiteboard annotation tools. New feature postponed due to testing.

Improved backend tools for proactive monitoring.

Security compliance comply with industry standards and recommendation of OWASP.

Bulk Invitation feature in the scheduler using a private link.

Waiting Room 1st version

  1. For guest only
  2. Approve individually or all
  3. Lock the door (new entrants will be sent to the waiting room)

Blackboard Learn Updates

Bb Annotate

The new inline grading tool is now available in Blackboard.

Blackboard Learn SAAS

More information about migration to Blackboard SAAS will be coming.

Audio and Video Tool

The Audio and Video tool in Blackboard will be unavailable as media files larger than 50MB in size with 50 or more enrollments has caused an increase in bandwidth and storage use which affects the end user experience.  Streaming media files to multiple users creates significant load across Blackboard Learn installation regardless of deployment.

We recommend faculty to redeploy media content inside their Blackboard course with the assistance of our streaming video platforms Panopto or MEDIAL. Panopto is replacing the Medial Library as UTSA’s standard video content management platform. Medial will be accessible until August 2021.

Mobile Compatible Test Tool

The Mobile Compatible Test tool, provided by the Blackboard Mobile Web Services Building Block, no longer effectively applies to the supported assessment capabilities of the Blackboard App.

Old Blackboard Collaborate building Block

Blackboard is discontinuing the old Collaborate (Original Experience) web conferencing tool (Java based) and the building block will be unavailable in courses.

We recommend faculty continue to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra web conferencing tool in its place across all Blackboard course shells.

Blackboard Maintenance

Blackboard maintenance is scheduled on Thursday, August 13th from 9:00pm CT to 5:00am CT on Friday, August 14th. Blackboard will not be available during the maintenance period.

June 2020

Blackboard Annotate Migration Information

Blackboard Learn will be replacing the New Box View integration with a new tool called Bb Annotate for Inline Assignment Grading. The migrations to Bb Annotate will take place between Thursday, July 2nd  – Thursday, July 9th  , 2020.

Migration to Bb Annotate will be automatic and could take several hours to days depending on the number of files that need to be migrated from New Box View to Bb Annotate. If a user is actively annotating using New Box View, the migration for the file will be delayed until after the user completes that marking session.

Bb Annotate will offer a more robust feature set for you to provide customizable feedback to your students, including a sidebar summary view, freehand drawing tools, various color selections, and more.

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