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Adding Students to Courses

Students are enrolled into the Blackboard system daily as they are enrolled. Data regarding their enrollment is pulled from Banner. If a student adds a course it may take up from 2 to 24 hours to be enrolled in a Blackboard course site. 

Withdrawals/holds/drops are processed on a daily basis, students that drop or withdraw from a course their enrollments records in Blackboard are not deleted, instead they are disabled.  

All student work is preserved  and can be accessed by request from the instructor to the Blackboard system administrator. 

Blackboard student enrollments are received from Banner every hour except between 12:00 am – 3:00 am.  when Banner is unavailable. 

Exceptions: any student not registered for a course in Banner, but needs access in Blackboard, must first request permission from the instructor and department chair. Once this information has been provided to, the Blackboard Administrator can add the student.  

Instructor can enroll: 

  • 1. Students that are fulfilling an incomplete or submit a request to to open the course in which the student received an incomplete to complete their course work.
  • 2. Student assistants with the Course Builder role to help to build the course content. 

Student enrollments are added to Blackboard courses 6 – 8weeks  before the beginning of a new semester. Updates resulting from students dropping or adding courses are reflected in Blackboard within 1 – 24 hours of  changes occurring in Banner.