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Co-Convened Classes

What is a Co-Convened Course? 

A co-convened course allows fully Online Pro-gram (ONL or Option III) Students to advance through their degree with minimal disruption by attending Residential (INET) Online Courses.

What is the difference of ONL/Option III and INET? 

INET courses are offered 100% online to residential students. ONL/Option III courses are offered 100% online to Online Program Students only. ONL/Option III students cannot take INET courses without being co-convened.

Co-Convene Process 

Courses Need to be Co-Convened 

Online Programs may find the need for co-convening a course before the Academic Department. Academic Departments may start the process by contacting Academic Innovation at

Meeting to Discuss Co-Convening Process 

The meeting will cover the process, timeline, financial components and any questions or concerns.

Create Separate Sections 

Academic Department will create a separate section in Banner for the ONL/Option III Students.

Send Course Information 

The Academic Department will email the course information (Semester, Course CRN, Subject, Number, Section, Course Title & Instructor) to and

Academic Innovation Co-Convenes Sections in Blackboard 

This process has a 10 to 14 business day turnaround. Please request co-convening at least 2 weeks prior to the start of each semester. Each co-convened course needs four weeks for course developers, and instructors to have the content ready and set the course dates for assignments, assessments, the adaptive release of content and course activity, etc.

Example of Co-Convened Course Information to Email: 

Semester Course CRN Subject Number Section Course Title Instructor
Summer 2020 32860 HTH 3013 ON1 Survey of Human Nutrition Keck
Summer 2020 33877 HTH 3013 ON2 Survey of Human Nutrition Keck
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