Here you will find tutorials on various pieces of Adobe software. Have a suggestion for a new video?  Send it to william.schaefer@utsa.edu

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Design & Layout

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How to Create a Basic Logo in Illustrator

Learn the basics of vector editing in Adobe Illustrator.

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Align Content in InDesign

Learn how to line up the content you create in Adobe InDesign.

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How to build an Adobe Express Page

Learn the basics of creating an Express Page.

Photography & Illustration

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Masking in Photoshop

Learn how to erase parts of a photo without destroying them.

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How to Use Photoshop Actions

Learn how you can use actions in Adobe Photoshop to easily edit multiple images.

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How to create a 3D phone in Illustrator

Learn how to create a three dimensional phone in Adobe Illustrator.

Video & Motion

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Adobe Rush overview

Learn how to get started with Adobe Premiere Rush.

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Add Motion Graphic Templates to Premiere Pro

Learn how to import motion graphic templates into Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Creating presentations with Adobe Express

Learn how to create presentations with Express Video.

Mobile & Social

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How to use Adobe Scan

Learn how to capture documents with your phone and the Adobe Scan app.

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How to create graphics with Adobe Express

Learn how to create posts for social media with Express Post.


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How to Layout an E-mail with Adobe Dreamweaver

Learn how to use Dreamweaver to layout e-mail newsletters.

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How to Use Adobe Portfolio

Learn how to use Adobe Portfolio to create collections of work.