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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra – April 2021

Gallery View in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Starting Thursday, April 8, 2021, moderators can see up to 25 videos per page using Gallery view in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. According to Blackboard’s research, this is the ideal maximum number of videos to show at one time while still being able to see non-verbal feedback. With the zoom controls, Tiled view, and Speaker view, moderators have even greater control over how they want to see their students.

The Gallery view zoom controls give you the ability to zoom in to see fewer videos, making each video larger. Navigating between pages allows you to see up to 250 videos while always having the active speaker visible. The Tiled and Speaker views emphasize the person who is speaking and shows up to 3 additional videos. 

In this first release, Gallery view is only made available to moderators. However, Blackboard is going to expand availability to students as soon as scalability monitoring allows.

Screenshot of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Video Gallery
Gallery View
Screenshot of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Speaker View
Speaker View
Screenshot of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Tied View
Tiled View