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What is an online course?

Any course delivered entirely online using the Internet. There are no face-to-face meetings.

What is a hybrid course?

Any course delivering 50% to 85% of instruction online. There are periodic face-to-face meetings.

How much do online and hybrid courses cost?

Online and hybrid courses are priced at the same tuition rates as face-to-face courses.

Is financial aid available for online and hybrid courses?

Students taking online courses qualify for financial aid and scholarships the same as all UTSA students. More information on Financial Aid & Scholarships is available online.

How do I go about filing an academic grievance for online or hybrid courses?

There may be occasions when a UTSA student may need to pursue questions or concerns involving academic aspects of her/his student life. The Academic and Grade Grievance Procedure applies to any course delivery format (traditional, online, and hybrid).

To learn more about the academic grievance procedure, visit UTSA’s Information Bulletin on Student Grievances: Click Here

Do I need to know how to operate a computer to enroll in an online or hybrid course?

You need to have basic computer knowledge and be able to navigate the Internet in order to ensure your success in an online course.

What other skills are necessary to succeed in an online or hybrid course?

Kayla Lowe describes additional skills that will also improve your experience in her article Good Skills for Taking Online Classes.

How are online and hybrid courses delivered?

UTSA currently uses the learning management system, Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is a user-friendly online learning environment that provides instructors with the ability to present online and hybrid course content in an organized and simple to navigate manner. Furthermore, Blackboard Learn provides communication and collaboration tools to enhance your learning experience.

What technology is required for taking online and hybrid courses?

In order to participate in your online or hybrid course you will need:

  • A computer, which can be either a PC or a Mac.
  • Additional accessories such as a webcam, microphone, and headphones.
  • Internet access, which is also available on campus at no charge.
  • A supported browser, which you can check for compatibility issues by running the UTSA Browser Check.
  • See UTSA Online’s Tech Specs for more technology requirements.

Is technical support available?

UTSA provides campus-wide technical support through The Office of Information Technology's support services department, OITConnect. Hours of operation are available online. You can receive help in one of the following ways:

Do online and hybrid courses have mobile device access?

Yes, Blackboard Learn has a mobile app for smart phones. Learn more about Blackboard Mobile online.

What do online and hybrid courses look like?

See UTSA Online's Explore Courses page for examples.

Are there additional resources available?

What are the advantages of taking online or hybrid courses?

  • Eliminate or reduce your commute and avoid parking hassles.
  • Access and attend to course work at times convenient for you.
  • Flexible options when traditional courses have schedule conflicts.
  • Conveniently access your course anywhere there is access to the Internet.

What are the disadvantages of taking online or hybrid courses?

  • Basic technical and computer skills are required to avoid difficulties.
  • Technical problems within the online learning space may occur.
  • In person interaction is limited or absent making online communication different.
  • Self-discipline is required to manage the absence of structured traditional class meetings.

Who may take an online or hybrid course?

Any student who has been admitted to the University may take an online or hybrid course at UTSA.

Who teaches online and hybrid courses?

All UTSA faculty are eligible to teach online.

Are online and hybrid courses accredited like traditional face-to-face courses?

Individual courses, whether face-to-face, hybrid or online, aren’t accredited. Academic programs, of which all UTSA’s online and hybrid courses are a part, are accredited. Therefore your online and hybrid courses ‘count’ toward the degree or certificate you are pursuing, the same as do your face-to-face courses.