Explore Courses

Are you curious about online and hybrid courses, but have yet to experience the online learning environment? Watch these videos for a preview of typical course navigation, content delivery, and communication. Current students can enroll in an open course to get a firsthand look at Blackboard Learn.

Online & Hybrid Course Navigation

Getting around inside an online or hybrid course is similar to most websites. UTSA courses have a main navigation menu that can be customized by instructors and will depending on the structure of a course and you’ll typically find course information, content, tools, and resources as the standard. They’re simply hyperlinks to get you where you need to go as efficiently as possible.

Online & Hybrid Course Content

Delivering content in online and hybrid courses is one of an instructor’s main goals. In additional to required and recommended text books, you’ll find UTSA courses contain a variety of text, images, documents, slideshows, videos, and links to external websites. A combination of media, combined with interactive activities, assignments, and tests, can improve student engagement for a more positive learning experience.

Online & Hybrid Course Communication

Without traditional, face-to-face instruction, online and hybrid courses rely on electronic communication tools. In UTSA courses, you’ll find a variety of ways to reach out to your instructor and other students, from private messaging and email to discussion boards and class wikis. Each communication method is included with the purpose of supporting your success and creating a learning community in which you can reach your education goals.