Tech Specs

Minimum Technology Requirements

In order to participate in an online or hybrid course, students will need:

  • PC or a Mac computer
  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OS X or later
  • Webcam with microphone
  • Internet access
  • Supported browser: Run the UTSA Browser Check to check compatibility.
    Recommended Browsers: Firefox or Chrome
  • Word processing software: Office 365 is available for students through OITConnect.
  • Additional hardware and software as required by a department or instructor.

Common Downloads and Plug-Ins

There will be downloads and plug-ins you will need in order to ensure a successful online learning experience, including:

Browser Settings

UTSA currently uses the learning management system, Blackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn is a user-friendly online learning environment that provides instructors with the ability to present online and hybrid course content in an organized and simple to navigate manner. Blackboard Learn relies on your Internet browser to display content. It is important that you configure your browser correctly so it will function properly.

Resources and Tutorials for Digital Tools