Hybrid Graduate - Fall 2019

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Course Name - CRN


BBL 5013 - 901

"Soc Jus & Multicul in US Urban - 23772"

"Patricia Sanchez"


"A study of sociocultural diversity, culture maintenance and change, culture revitalization, and other aspects of ethnicity, race, class and gender in the United States, including the principles of critical race theory. (Formerly titled ""Multicultural Groups in the United States"")."


BBL 5053 - 901

"Assessment in Bilingual &SL St - 21652"

"Hsuan-Hua Becky Huang"


"Critical review of research in the areas of testing linguistically diverse students and the sociocultural dimensions of standardized testing, academic achievement, and accountability. Study of process for assessing language proficiency and content-area knowledge in bilingual and English as a Second Language programs. Critical evaluations of standardized tests of language proficiency and literacy, and development of alternative and authentic language, literacy and content-area assessment techniques. (Formerly titled ""Assessment in Bilingual and Second Language Studies"")."


BBL 5113 - 901

"Theor Foun/Legis Policy BBL Ed - 19870"

"Belinda Flores"


A critical analysis of the rationale for bicultural-bilingual education focusing on history, philosophy, and theory, in particular, sociocultural theories (e.g., Vygotskian theory). The study and analysis of bicultural-bilingual program designs, research perspectives on effective implementation, and adaptation to community needs.


CI 6623 - 001

"Inquiry in Interdisc STEM Edu - 24444"

"Guadalupe Carmona-Dominguez"


"This course will explore developing and designing learning environments for interdisciplinary STEM Education through inquiry. Provides a broad foundation into the teaching, learning, and research of interdisciplinary STEM Education in both formal and informal contexts. (Formerly C&I 5623. Credit cannot be earned for both C&I 6623 and C&I 5623.) (Formerly titled “Inquiry in Science Education"")."


CI 6673 - 001

"Policy&Critical Issues Teachng - 24445"

"Bekisizwe Ndimande"


Prerequisites: C&I 5003 and C&I 5013.Study of critical issues in school. Investigation of research, practices, and policies related to special education, bilingual and multicultural education, early childhood education, middle and secondary schools and other current broad-based social issues. (Formerly C&I 5673. Credit cannot be earned for both C&I 6673 and C&I 5673).


ECE 5513 - 001

"Curr/Matrls/Meth in EC/Elem Ed - 18388"

"Maria Arreguin Anderson"


This course focuses on the study of curriculum and instructional methods in early childhood and elementary classrooms. Emphasis on identification and analysis of curriculum design, methods of instruction, and materials that are congruent with developmentally appropriate practices (DAP).


ECE 6453 - 001

"Responsible Assmt & Eval ECE - 18387"

"Iliana Alanis York"


This course focuses on appropriate measures to collect, document, and assess young children in classroom settings. Students examine current research on effective assessment strategies for understanding children’s development in multiple contexts. Class discussions concentrate on the various influences on assessment outcomes and the implications for developing supportive interactions with families as a means to influence the growth of every child.


ILT 7013 - 001

"Overview: Res Des/Instrct Inq - 13327"

"Maria Arreguin Anderson"


Prerequisite: Research methods or statistics course.Overview of research design for quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods studies in Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching. The emphasis of this course includes the situatedness of interdisciplinary research and the design of a research study positioned within an appropriate theoretical frame.


KAH 5093 - 001

"Stat & Research in HTH and KIN - 17278"

"Jianmin Guan"


This course is designed to provide students with knowledge of experimental designs and the statistical tools necessary for analyzing research data in the fields of Health and Kinesiology.


KAH 5173 - 002

"Measurement and Evaluation - 23480"

"Jianmin Guan"


Prerequisite: KIN 4113 or an equivalent.Overview of measurement theory, item analysis, reliability and validity studies, and factor analysis of tests.


NDT 5343 - 001

"Integration of Metabolism - 20493"

"Sarah Ullevig"


Prerequisite: NDT 3413 or equivalent course.An in-depth study of the metabolism of nutrients, energy utilization at the cellular level, and role of coenzymes and cofactors.


NDT 5911 - 001

"Research Seminar - 21300"

"Sarah Ullevig"


Discussion of current research topics, use of databases, and evaluation of research articles. May be repeated for credit.