Hybrid Graduate - Fall 2019

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Course Name - CRN


ACC 5823 - 001

"Govt&Not-for-Profit Accounting - 17077"

"Marshall Pitman"


Prerequisite: ACC 3023 or an equivalent.A study of accounting principles and practices of state and local governments and not-for-profit organizations.


MOT 5053 - 001

"Technology Commercialization - 19731"

"Woodie Spivey"


Prerequisite: MKT 5023 or consent of instructor.Examines the process of bringing technological innovation to the marketplace. Key factors are considered, including, but not limited to, the following four: intellectual property; perceived value; competitive positioning; and supply chains. Emphasis is on managing change to develop enterprise opportunities and competitive advantage. The concepts and tools covered aim to make the tasks of innovation and product portfolio management more understandable and controllable.


MOT 5163 - 001

"Management of Technology - 18119"

"Woodie Spivey"


Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.Examines a broad range of topics and issues involved in the management of technology, including the international research and development environment and infrastructure; government, industry, and university roles in technology development; managing the research and development function; technology forecasting and assessment; and new product development.